International collaboration

Development of International Projects


Project title:Support of development for gynecological, obstetric, neonate and pediatric surgery in the Republic of Moldova, exchange of experience in minimal invasive gynecological surgery;

Equip: Prof.Dr.Marek Zygmunt, Prof. O. Cernetchi, Prof.A. Mustea Conf. S. Gladun;

Organizations: Robert Bosch Stiftung;

Project partners: Medical Univerity Greifswald, Dpt. Of Gynecology, Departament of Obstetrics and Gynecology FECMF SUMPh „N. Testemiţanu”

Project current status (accepted / rejected / evaluation): Accepted;

Implementation period: March 2012 – April   2013.


Project title: Psychosexual Development and Gynecological Pathology in Adolescents;

Equip: Lecturer Iliadi-Tulbure C., Leşco G.,Tripac S.,Sagaidac I., Manole R.


Project partners:

Project current status (accepted / rejected / evaluation): Accepted;

Implementation period: January 2014 – December 2015.